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Raising Robust Readers uses Orton-Gillingham principles to teach reading through songs, gestures and multi-sensory play. Don’t be fooled by the notion that only ‘trained professionals’ can teach reading. Our Online Classes will show motivated parents, tutors and educaors how English is logical, predictable, sensible and easy to decode if you learn it and teach it that way. YOU can make the difference for your child. Learn the code. Teach the code. Change a life. It’s easy to learn and fun to teach.


Easy, Fun & Multi-sensory

Wordy Worm® Reading materials are incorporated throughout our Raising Robust Readers courses and Blog activities. These researched-based materials align with the best practices of the National Reading Panel, the National Right to Read Foundation, the International Dyslexia Association and the National Center for Learning Disabilities. 

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Become part of our community of friendship and support. Find topics and news on Dyslexia and support for struggling readers. Post your questions and comments. It is our mission to support parents and teachers.  It is our hope that no child whould feel shame, embarrassment or struggle when learning to read.​

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​We hope you reflect on and embrace your position as the primary influence on your children’s literacy experiences.  To support you in this, we provide you with the information, resources, and strategies to foster your confidence and commitment.  This does not diminish the role of teachers and curricula at school.  It simply underscores that YOU are the constant teacher in your children’s lives.  At the end of each school year, you do not give them a hug, wish them well, and say good-bye.  You are together, year after year, every step of the journey!

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